Sep 16, 2010: Work more productively with Barcody 2.0


Barcody is our successful barcode generator app from MK-Software for macOS. Since 2007, many package designers, editors, warehouse operators, and other businesses have been happily using it. Barcody developer Michael Kammerlander has now completed the next generation. With Barcody 2.0 you can work much more productively.

These are the new features:

Barcody main document

Barcode Series

Create a whole bunch of similar barcodes in no time with the new Barcode Sequence Editor. Choose a type, define format and increment value, done.

Barcode Sequence Editor

Export More Comfortably

Only one export sheet for all supported formats (PDF, EPS, image formats). Now you can select any barcodes at once and export them. When you want to export or send a whole group of barcodes via email, just select the group name in the outline view to collect them all.

Export Barcodes

Print Barcode Label Sheets

Define your own label sheets for your work, and print barcodes directly from Barcody, even with multiple copies of one barcode per label sheet. Expertise in other apps is no longer required.

Barcode Label SheetPrint Barcodes

More Barcode Types

These are eight newly supported barcode types (aside from the previously supported 21 types):

  • Code 11
  • EAN 18 / NVE / SSCC-18
  • EAN-Velocity
  • GS1-128 (EAN 128)
  • MSI-Plessey
  • OPC
  • Telepen ASCII
  • Telepen NUM

Send Barcodes With Email

Create barcodes and send them directly via email from Barcody. (Barcody will launch your email client. Apple Mail, Entourage, and Mailsmith are supported.)

Send Barcodes With Email

Other Features of Barcody 2.0:

  • The currently selected barcode can be copied to the clipboard in PDF and LinkBack format with a single click.
  • New preferences pane for label sheets.
  • After you have added a new barcode, the name field can be directly edited. Another mouse click saved.
  • An information line below the content field shows the allowed, valid and available characters.
  • A new field Barcode Width shows the current barcode width which can be changed here, too.
  • The Action menu now offers entries for export and sending mails.
  • Use the new search field to quickly filter the barcodes list for barcode names, content and descriptions. Only the found barcodes are then shown in the barcode list.
  • The zoom value of the preview is now stored with the document.
  • All important functions are now available as toolbar icons.

Price And Availability

Barcody 2.0 is available today for download and can now be ordered. The new purchase price is 99 EUR - the upgrade from Barcody 1.x is only 49 EUR. Barcody 2.0 supports the following languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Swedish, and Czech. Barcody 2.0 requires macOS 10.4 or higher.

Grace period: If you have purchased Barcody 1.x since June 2010, we will send you a free Barcody 2.0 license via email.

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