Mar 16, 2018: Thank you for so many good wishes - and orders!

Dear fellows, I did not expect that!

A few days ago I announced that I close my software company invers Software & at the end of March 2018. Afterwards, I have received a great bunch of messages. Many of you are sad that an era is coming to an end, but also very grateful. Many have sent charming stories from their own computer and software lives and great ideas for the future.

Your messages and good wishes have really touched me a lot. I would like to publish these messages, anomyized of course, so that everyone can enjoy them.

At the moment I am not coping with the many orders. Do not panic, everything will be fine. I will ship all orders received until the end of March as soon as possible, but please be lenient if it takes a little longer this time. Who could have guessed that the 50% off-sale discount will be accepted that much?

Thank you very much for everything,
Your Ulf Dunkel