Oct 21, 2016: Important PasswordWallet Update for OS X


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If you're running macOS version 10.9 or later and PasswordWallet 4.8.4, it is critical that you upgrade to version 4.8.5 of PasswordWallet for macOS.

We have two problems in version 4.8.4:

PasswordWallet - New in 4.8.5 :
(2016-10-21, R 6194)
  • Fixed auto-update.
  • Critical security fix for bug introduced in 4.8.4.

Please klick here to download and install the latest version of PasswordWallet.

These issues only affect users of PasswordWallet 4.8.4 for macOS. If you're not running this version that has been out for only a few days, please ignore this email.

You've placed your trust in PasswordWallet for 20 years. Nothing like this has happened to the makers of PasswordWallet before. We're contacting you about this problem because it's the only responsible course of action. Please accept our apologies.

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