Apr 16, 2012: CSVEditor 1.15 brings important bugfixes


We happily present an important update for CSVEditor: CSVEditor is a handy tool for all of you who want to edit data spreadsheets.

CSVEditor is the new Mac OS X tool which makes creating and editing CSV data more comfortable. You can create new spreadsheets or open any CSV file in any available encoding. Add, remove or move rows and columns. Add, remove and edit contents manually in the cell editor or automatically with the Fill editor.

CSVEditor - New in 1.15 :
(2012-04-16, R 146)
  • [148] Files with UTF-16 or UTF-32 encoding are proceeded properly.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the option Selected Row is Header to crash the app in very rare cases.
  • Open Assistant: The Rows column has been replaced by a vertical rows ruler.

CSV means Comma Separated Values, but data fields in CSV files may also be separated by semicolon or tab.


CSVEditor is now available for download. The price is 15 EUR. CSVEditor is available in English, German and Spanish (more languages to come) and requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or higher.

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