Mar 01, 2011: Barcody 2.04 - the convenience update


Another Barcody update brings nice enhancements.

Barcody - New in 2.04 :
(2011-02-28, R 363)
  • [62] The Toolbar can now be edited and hidden.
  • [70] The Placeholder elements for Export and Send Email can be dragged by mouse.
  • [71] The suggested export path can be defined in the Preferences.
  • [73] The export filename is stored in the user preferences.
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Barcody is our successful barcode generator app from MK-Software for macOS. Since 2007, many package designers, editors, warehouse operators, and other businesses have been happily using it. Barcody developer Michael Kammerlander has now completed the next generation. With Barcody 2 you can work much more productively.

Barcody 2.04 is available today for download. The new purchase price is 99 EUR (resp. 99.99 EUR in the Mac App Store) - the upgrade from Barcody 1.x is only 49 EUR. You can only get the upgrade version from us, not from the Mac App Store. Barcody 2 supports the following languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Swedish, and Czech. Barcody 2 requires macOS 10.4 or higher, the Mac App Store version requires macOS 10.6.6 or higher.

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