Sep 08, 2014: Barcody 3.01


Barcody is our successful barcode generator app from MK-Software for macOS. Since 2007, many package designers, editors, warehouse operators, and other businesses have been happily using it. With Barcody 3 you can work much more productively.

These are the new features:

Barcody - New in 3.01 :
(2014-09-08, R 672)
  • [97] Information line about valid and unused characters wraps into two lines.
  • [232] Default Parameters: Checkbox Calculate calm zone automatically could not be unchecked.
  • [233] Default Parameters: For All calm zone parameters values were never applied to new barcodes.
  • Barcody reads the screen size information and scales 100% to fit real 100% size.
  • Dutch localization improved. nl

Price and Availability

Barcody 3 is available today for download and can now be ordered. The new purchase price is 69 EUR - the upgrade from Barcody 1.x/2.x is only 29 EUR. Barcody 3 supports the following languages: cs, da, de, en, es, fr, it, ja, nl, sv. Barcody 3 requires macOS 10.8 or higher.

Grace period: If you have purchased Barcody 2.x since June 2014, we will send you a free Barcody 3 license via email.

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