Jul 16, 2014: Work more productively with Barcody 3.0


Barcody is our successful barcode generator app from MK-Software for macOS. Since 2007, many package designers, editors, warehouse operators, and other businesses have been happily using it. Barcody developer Michael Kammerlander has now completed the next generation. With Barcody 3 you can work much more productively.

These are the new features:

Barcody Document Window

Bulk Import of Barcodes from File

Import any number of barcodes in no time with the new Import Assistant. Choose a file, assign barcode data and add-on data (optional), done.

Bulk Import Assistant

More Barcode Types

  • Data Matrix

Barcode Series

Create a whole bunch of similar barcodes in no time with the Barcode Sequence Editor. Choose a type, define format and increment value, done.

Barcode Sequence Editor

Export More Comfortably

Intuitive export sheets for all supported formats (PDF, EPS, image formats). Now you can select any barcodes at once and export them. When you want to export or send a whole group of barcodes via email, just select the group name in the outline view to collect them all.

Export Barcodes

Print Barcode Label Sheets

Define your own label sheets for your work, and print barcodes directly from Barcody, even with multiple copies of one barcode per label sheet. Expertise in other apps is no longer required.

Print Barcodes

Send Barcodes with Email

Create barcodes and send them directly via email from Barcody. (Barcody will launch your email client. Apple Mail, Entourage, and Mailsmith are supported.)

Send Barcodes with Email

Other Features of Barcody 3:

Barcody - New in 3.0 :
(2014-07-03, R 641)
  • New Barcode Format:
  • [145] + [183] : Now also supporting 2D barcode Data Matrix. Barcody 3 now supports 31 barcodes.
  • New Document Features:
  • [121] Multiple selection now is supported, so you can e.g. change the color or font of multiple barcodes at once. Only the Name, Content, Add-on Content, and Description fields are excluded.
  • [195] Various barcode types now support the option Draw light margin indicators which outputs the characters < and > next to the text line, if any. These margin indicators help graphic designers not to touch the calm zone of the barcode.
  • Use the new option Draw Background to suppress or draw the colored background. This way you can output barcodes with transparent or colored backgrounds.
  • Document window: When a group has been selected, all unrequired elements will be hidden.
  • [31] Toolbar: New optional tool buttons for Print and Save (not in the default set).
  • New option Draw text as vector path converts text to vector paths on output.
  • The option Calculate calm zone automatically now supports various barcodes.
  • Font Information: The [Select Font] button from previous versions has been replaced by a text field which shows the currently selected font name. Open the system font panel via Toolbar or View menu.
  • New in Sequence Editor:
  • [138] Generate barcodes with add-on data, using the new Add-on Separator string.
  • Now has a Barcode Preview area which shows the currently selected barcode from the Sequence Preview.
  • New Menu Features:
  • [60] File Menu: New menu entries New Barcode, New Group, New Barcodes with Sequence Editor.
  • [69] File Menu: New feature New Barcodes from Data File: You can now import barcode bulk data from a text or CSV file. The super-easy Import Assistant lets you import your data within seconds, supporting Add-on data as well.
  • File Menu: New feature New with Selected Barcodes: Creates a new document by copying the currently selected barcodes and groups.
  • [129] File Menu: New export feature Export as PDF Document: Exports all selected barcodes into a single PDF document.
  • File Menu: Send Email now also supports the PDF Document type.
  • File Menu: Page Setup gives access to the system page setup dialog.
  • File Menu: Various new menu items for automatic document backup, renaming, moving and copying documents.
  • File Menu: Print: On print output, the new checkbox Adjust barcode size to fit adjusts the size(s) of the printed barcode(s) to fit into the selected label(s) format.
  • File Menu: Export: Due to the Sandboxing feature, we had to adjust the export method: If you export a single barcode only, the common file picker is shown. When exporting multiple barcodes, you can only select an export folder, while Barcody auto-generates file names from your settings.
  • [227] Edit Menu: New feature Set Barcode Parameters as Default: Use the parameters of the currently selected barcode as defaults for this type of barcode.
  • View Menu: New entries Show/Hide Rulers support rulers in the document window for measuring the barcode size.
  • View Menu: New entries Show/Hide Colors open resp. close the system colors panel.
  • View Menu: New entries Show/Hide Fonts open resp. close the system fonts panel.
  • Preferences:
  • Preferences: General: When you check the Effects option Highlight sheets, the document area will be darkened when a sheet drops out of the document title bar / toolbar. This increases the focus on the sheet.
  • Preferences: General: The new button Reset Alerts and Warnings does exactly what you expect it to do.
  • Preferences: Labels: This panel has got a new overview with label sheets previews.
  • Preferences: Default Parameters: In this new Preferences panel you can you can preset all of the important parameters for barcode creation. Select a type of barcode in the left outline view and edit its default parameters on the right side. Note the For All option: When you change parameters here, all types of barcodes inherit their defaults from it.
  • GUI:
  • The GUI has been modernized.
  • The manual offers much more content with zoomable pop-up images for large graphics and finally can be navigated by keyboard.
  • System:
  • Completely re-written 64-bit application.
  • New: supports Sandboxing.
  • Document Autosave has been implemented.
  • New toolbar icons (resolution-independent)
  • Sending emails with your barcodes no longer uses AppleScript but Sharing Services.
  • The registration method has been adjusted for the Barcody 3 generation. Old match codes from Barcody 1 or Barcody 2 will not be accepted.
  • System Require­ments: macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher
  • Bug fixes:
  • [94] Sequence Editor: Large numbers no longer cause formatting garbage and value overflow.
  • [123] Calm Zone calculation has been adjusted.
  • [126] Barcode output enhanced.
  • [155] Move the font baseline using the new Font Offset parameter.
  • [166] Fonts as Courier are no longer placed or sized incorrectly.
  • Various other bug fixes.

Price and Availability

Barcody 3 is available today for download and can now be ordered. The new purchase price is 69 EUR - the upgrade from Barcody 1.x/2.x is only 29 EUR. Barcody 3 supports the following languages: cs, da, de, en, es, fr, it, ja, nl, sv. Barcody 3 requires macOS 10.8 or higher.

Grace period: If you have purchased Barcody 2.x since June 2014, we will send you a free Barcody 3 license via email.

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