Sep 26, 2011: Notio 2.0 completely new for macOS


Important notes are managed best with Notio

The new release 2.0 has been completely re-written and we are absolutely proud on it. Notio requires at least macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and supports 10.7 (Lion), of course. Here is a list of the all-new features:

Notio - New in 2.0 :
(2011-09-26, R 123)
  • Notio 2.0 is a completely new developed, database-based application.
  • The user interface of the application has been completely redesigned.
  • Notes can get any number of resource attachments (PDFs, images, or web archives).
  • Notes can be written in rich text format with formattings and styles, or as plain text.
  • Notes support all Unicode characters.
  • Formatted text notes support various fonts, embedded images, tables, lists, separator lines, and to do checkboxes.
  • Resources can be dragged onto the app icon in the Dock, or be imported, or be added using the Attachments inspector.
  • All notes and attachments can be searched, even for attributes like: title, content, keywords, comment, description, color label, and type.
  • Removed elements can be definitely deleted or be restored.
  • Notio installs the following services:
    • System service Import URL into Notio: imports the currently selected URL from a text or from your browser address bar as a resource.
    • System service Import File into Notio: imports text files as notes, and PDFs, images, and web archives as resources, respectively.
    • PDF service Save PDF to Notio which you can find in the Print dialog of almost every other application via the [PDF] button.
  • Notio supports browser scripts to take URLs and browser page contents easily.

Notio on First Launch & Preferences Notio at Work


With Notio you can create, import and manage notes. Notes can be plain text, but also be layouted with text styles and formatting.


Sort your notes in groups and subgroups hierarchically, e.g. in order to manage notes for various projects or topics. Therefore you can add keywords, color labels, a description, a comment and any number of attachments to your notes.


Notio manages all data of your notes in a central database and cares for saving all data immediately after you have changed them. All notes can be searched easily and comfortably in the database. You can also manage any files or web archives as resources for your notes and attachments. Imported notes can be identified and searched quickly by using the database category of the same name.

Delete and Restore

All delete actions are undoable until you finally delete elements from the trash, like you are used to in the macOS Finder.

Download and try Notio for free. Keep and manage your ideas and notes the smart way. Notio is available in English and costs only 19 EUR.

Notio 2.0 has to be purchased by registered 1.x users, too.

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