Feb 08, 2011: Score Editor PriMus usable with Mac OS X


Score Notation At Its Best, Now On Your Mac

Now you can get the absolutely breathtaking, powerful but still very handy Score Notation program PriMus for Mac OS X made by ColumbusSoft here at DSD.net.

Important Note:

PriMus works under Mac OS X in a CrossOver solution. If you have used the Windows version of PriMus before, you will find everything in its usual place - the user interface is identical. Simply ignore the Mac menu bar of the application and use the menu bar in the app's window. The comprehensive manual can be used in both worlds.

If you have never worked with Windows applications before, the user interface may look somewhat strange to you. But we're quite sure you will find an easy approach to the functions and power of PriMus soon. Our support loves to help you find all things.

We're so glad to be able and offer PriMus to you. Use the lower promo prices until March 15, 2011.

Version 2.0 with many new features and enhancements is scheduled for release in 2011. If you order now, you are qualified for a free 2.0 upgrade later this year.

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