May 02, 2006: iCalamus - the Publisher for Mac OS X.


Do you work with Mac OS X (Tiger)? Then we can tell you something interesting.

Our new publisher iCalamus for Mac OS X, will be released in the next future. Now we are very busy in the beta test period. Get a face value of iCalamus now and subscribe our fre iCalamus Newsletter right now, too.

We invite you to accompany iCalamus in its beta test period. In order to become a registrated beta tester, we please you to order iCalamus 1.0 ahead. Of course you don't have to pay until we have finished and shipped your copy of version 1.0.

Furthermore, a free downloadable Demo version of iCalamus 1.0 will be available soon. If you don't have time or fun doing beta tests, just play around with the demo version.

Visit our website now and discover iCalamus, the publisher for Mac OS X.