May 02, 2004: JobTimer 2.0 with many enhancements

JobTimer 2.0 JobTimer is our most famous macOS shareware product.

Enjoy the even more comfortable usage of JobTimer 2.0 right now and discover the enhanced functions of this highly practical tool. All of you who have to or want to keep control on their daily work time, love JobTimer and will be glad about the enhancements of our JobTimer 2.0 release.

Don't waste your valuable worktime with rough calculations! Use JobTimer 2.0 and gain control over various projects with simple mouse clicks. Check out exactly how long you have been busy working on that new website for customer X as well as the new print catalog for customer Y. Use the RTF export and handle your JobTimer protocols in other programs according to your needs. JobTimer is recommended as a boot application. One click, and your next job can be started.

JobTimer - New in 2.0 :
  • JobTimer has a new XML based file format. Old files will be converted automatically when opened. (Older versions of JobTimer will no longer be able to load converted Job files.)
  • JobTimer offers Undo: Changes in the job list can be undone.
  • Export and new export formats: On export you can define if single week day containers and time entries shall be exported, too. Furthermore, you can export the job list in PDF and XML format.
  • Context menues: You can open a context menu for each entry in a JobTimer window (Control-click or right mouse button, if available). The optional functions depend on the type of entry.
  • Removal Assistant: If you want to delete more than just one entry, you should give the Removal Assistant a chance. With the help of the Removal Assistant, you can e.g. delete only all time entries from a job list, while the structure of groups and jobs stays intact. Maybe you just want to delete all closed entries in your job list from time to time. There are many ways the Removal Assistant can help you.
  • Settings: The settings have been redesigned and look like the System parameters of macOS now. Three additional functions have been added:
    • Menu: Links JobTimer to the menu bar - now you can control JobTimer even if other programs are in front.
    • Sound: You can define if JobTimer give accustic feedback for defined actions or rather be quiet.
    • Update: Let JobTimer check if it is uptodate.
  • A French version is available now (translated by Philippe Bonnaure,

JobTimer 2.0 costs 29 EUR shareware fee only, the upgrade for registered users of the 1.x version is 19 EUR only. We will ship free JobTimer 2.0 matchcodes for those users who registered their 1.x version after Jan 01, 2004. (If you believe to fulfill this requirement but do not receive a matchcode e-mail from us in the next few days, please send us an e-mail. Maybe you have changed e-mail address without any notice for us.)

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