Jun 13, 2003: Porthos 3.24 bugfix and manual

Porthos A bugfix update with version number 3.24 is available for Porthos, the PDF viewer and Calamus CVG creator for Atari compatible systems. The update covers the following bugfixes:

Porthos - New in 3.24 :
  • Caching error for color systems removed.
  • CMYK bitmaps are changed to RGB again.
  • A heavy bug on deleting inline images has been fixed.
  • Error on Indexed DevGray removed.
  • Whitespaces in HexStrings are ignored correctly.

The update is available for download now.

If you want or have to open PDF files under Atari systems (even MagiC...), will find a powerful tool in Porthos. It's an ideal tool even for Calamus users who want to import PDF data into Calamus. Simply open the PDF and export the stuff in CVG format.

The Online Manual in HTML format as well as the PDF manual for Porthos have been updated for Porthos 3.x now. They are accessible in the Porthos page.

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