Mar 08, 2003: JobTimer 1.60 brings smart time management

JobTimer 2.0

Now time management with JobTimer is much smarter. This is how we like it!

JobTimer - New in 1.60 :
  • JobTimer has a new file format. Old files will be converted automatically when loaded. (Older versions of JobTimer will not be able to use the new job files.) A job file does not only store the job data, but the document position, arrangement and widths of the document window columns, too.
  • The document window has been enhanced.
  • Groups: Use groups in order to keep several jobs together, which belong to one project. You can drag and drop single jobs into the desired group by mouse. The shown Duration and Turnover will represent all jobs of the group then. If a group contains the active job, the group will be marked with a blue circle.
  • Jobs: Here is the pool for your time entries. An active job will be marked with a blue circle and bold font type.
  • Daily Work Container: Here all time entries for a job will be collected for the current day. This entry will be generated automatically and cannot be changed.
  • Time Entry: Here your time values are saved.
  • The Settings have been enhanced.
  • Export: The menu entry Export as RTF file has been changed to Export. You can choose one of the offered export formats in the file selector now. RTF export formatting is much better now.
  • Tabbed Texts: The joblist data will be exported in text format, with tab separated entries. These files can be imported in Excel very easy.
  • Print: Now a list is printed formatted like you would export in RTF format.
  • Start / Stop: Here you start and stop time registration for the active job. If no job is currently active, you will be informed by JobTimer. You can start and stop time registration via the toolbar, too.
  • New Job: Inserts a new job. You can enter a name and the wage per hour for this job. Using the wage per hour, the turnover for the job will be calculated. You can use this function from the toolbar, too.
  • New Group: Here you can create a new group. In groups you can collect a number of jobs which belong to a certain project. The shown time and turnover will be the sum for all jobs in this group. You can use this function from the toolbar, too.
  • Activate Job: Activates the selected job. You can start time registration for an activated job only. This function can be reached via the toolbar, too.
  • New Time Entry: Add a new time entry to the active job. Use this function if you want to add time entries to the job list while you are not working in front of this computer (e.g. when visiting your customer).

JobTimer 1.60 is free of charge for registered users of JobTimer v1.x!

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