Mar 04, 2003: Notio 1.10 with enhancements

NotioImportant notes are managed best with Notio in macOS.


Notio can be used as a service from various programs but works as an independant program, too. Write new notes in the built-in editor and save your notes in RTF or Unicode format. Or simply mark important text in other programs and and drag them to Notio in order to create a new note.

With Notio you can organize your notes in note folders. Don't reduce the freedom of your mind. Thanks to the built-in AutoSave mechnism you will never ever lose ideas.

Notio - New in 1.10 :
  • Edit: Search Notes
    This new function scans all notes for a specified expression. The found notes will be listed at the bottom. A doubleclick on a found note opens it.
  • Management
    • You can enter a comment for each entry in the information area.
    • Moved entries keep their selection.
    • You can select and edit multiple entries now (open, delete, move).
    • Entries can be protected against editing (notes only) and deleting (notes and groups) now with a switch.
    • Protected entries get a red dot in the according icon.
  • Export
    • On exporting plain text files you can chose the encoding now (Mac OS Roman, UTF 8, ISO Latin Roman, ASCII).
    • If more than one note is selected for export, only the target destination can be selected for these notes. The file names will be created from the note names automatically.

The unregistered shareware version has a start time delay and shows shareware hints in each note. Get rid of these limitations for 19 EUR only and get free access to update versions.

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