Nov 01, 2002: JobTimer 1.40 brings a bunch of enhancements

JobTimer 2.0

JobTimer - New in 1.40 :
  • Menu Time Registration: New menu item New Time Entry:
    Use this function if you want to add time entries to the job list while you are not working in front of this computer (e.g. when visiting your customer).
  • Changing time entries is easier now with the new calendar dialog.
  • Time registration can be started from the Dock right now. There are two ways how to reach the according menu in the Dock:
    1. Make a long click on the JobTimer icon in the Dock.
    2. Or click on the JobTimer icon in the Dock while pressing the [ctrl] key.
  • Each job list is shown in the now appearing menu with its own area, formatted like this:
    • List name/file name (<- greyed out for information only)
    • Start (or Stop): [Name of active job]
  • If time registration is started for another job than the active one, the new job becomes the active one and a probably busy other time registration for this list will be stopped.
  • Settings: An Auto-Save function is available now.
  • The unregistered version starts with a time delay.
  • New menu items:
    • Purchase JobTimer Online
    • Register
  • Furthermore, the online help now has been completed and can be accessed on our website.

JobTimer 1.40 is free of charge for registered users of v1.x.

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