Oct 28, 2002: Porthos 3.01 available

Porthos 3 opens PDF files and offers reading on-screen, printing as well as AI/CVG export of all vector and text data from PDF files and TIFF export of the contained raster image data. The program requires a TOS multitasking operating system. Porthos has been developed for MagiC but can be used with MinT, MultiTOS and N.AES, too. Further requirements are: NVDI since version 5.0, WDIALOG (embedded in MagiC since version 3.0).

Porthos is the perfect PDF importing tool for Calamus SL, the modular DTP system for professional design and layout, for Windows, Mac, and Atari.

Porthos - New in 3.01 :
  • CID TrueType fonts are recognized.
  • Fonts are shown with antialiasing on-screen.
  • Filled vector objects are no longer shown by NVDI but by new output routines which are even faster than NVDI.
  • More PDF files are opened correctly than before.
  • Many bug fixes and tiny detail enhancements for a more stable PDF recognition.
  • Registered users of Porthos version 1+2 do not need a new matchcode!

Restriction of the unregistered version: Only one page of each PDF file can be viewed and edited.

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