6/10/2002: Notio 1.0

NotioToday we proudly present another new program for macOS:

Important notes are managed best with Notio.

Damn... If I had only kept the fantastic idea I had yesterday! Now I cannot remember important details.

Important notes are managed best with Notio.


Notio can be used as a service from various programs but works as an independant program, too. Write new notes in the built-in editor and save your notes in RTF or Unicode format. Or simply mark important text in other programs and and drag them to Notio in order to create a new note.

With Notio you can organize your notes in note folders. Don't reduce the freedom of your mind. Thanks to the built-in AutoSave mechnism you will never ever lose ideas.

The unregistered shareware version has a start time delay and shows shareware hints in each note. Get rid of these limitations for 19 EUR only and get free access to update versions.

Essayez-le maintenant !

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